Live your Way

with Mystyle

We have perfected Mystyle elegant designer fooring for people who share our passion for innovation, quality and an individual lifestyle – with zero compromises. Mystyle elegant designer fooring is made from a combination of synthetic resin and natural wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The premium fooring is certifed with the Blue Angel ecolabel* – a recog- nised sign of dedication to protecting people and the environment.



Measuring a robust 12 or 14 mm thick, Mystyle elegant designer fooring has been designed to handle the various stresses of daily life, while also meeting your personal aesthetic needs in terms of both design and functionality. In addition to durable surfaces in the highest abrasion classes (AC5 and AC6 in accordance with DIN EN 13329:2016/08), the premium flooring features built-in anti-static technology and an anti-bacterial coating, high-quality, hard-wearing fooring offers impressive durability and has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it meets international quality standards. 

We therefore offer a comprehensive 30-year guarantee for lightfastness, stain resistance and abrasion resistance for private use and a 5-year guarantee for commercial use. With Mystyle elegant designer flooring, a whole world of quality is at your feet.

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