Coordinating accessories for Mystyle elegant designer flooring

Our 3-in-1 profle is also incredibly practical – and helps when transitioning between dife- rent foor coverings and thicknesses, installing end pieces or creating a smooth fnish.

3-in-1 profile (for all decors) Adjustment- | Threshold- | End profileAdjustment- | Threshold- | End profile3-in-1 profile (for all decors)
<b>My</b>style insulation underlayMystyle insulation underlay
<b>My</b>style skirting board suitable for all Mystyle decorssuitable for all Mystyle decorsMystyle skirting board
<b>My</b>style cleanerMystyle cleaner
K58C <p>External - | Internal corners | End caps</p>

External - | Internal corners | End caps

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